How to Land a Job as a Music Teacher

For those who are looking into being educators in music, it’s time to understand that the job market is very different from what it used to be. Not only will the area for employment need to be broadened, but so will the prospective teacher’s set of skills, and teaching style. It is also increasingly important to look for work before graduating, or looking for work in a new school.
Below are some tips from other music educators around the country who wish to help future educators that are entering the job market.


  1. Kelly Filsinger, a University Fellow and PhD candidate in Music Education, states that one needs to be a great musician to be a music educator. That teaching music to the inexperienced is a process that requires “demonstrating high levels of personal musicianship.” So it is very important that being an amazing musician is part of the gig.

  1. Learning how to adapt and improvise is a valued skill in a music teacher, according to Edward Smaldone, a professor of composition. He says that music is about communicating, and not just about playing what is on the sheet of paper. He also suggests that, while lesson plans allow for great ideas to be formed, there is no way to know what will happen in each classroom. So knowing how to adapt to the classroom and improvise for every session will be a great skill for the teacher, and their students.


  1. According to both Russ Sperling, an instrumental music specialist, and Susan Wharton Conkling, the professor of Music Education, having entrepreneurial skills are also a must have for music educators. Sperling says that recruiting students into the music program and dealing with administrative work to run the program will require marketing skills. And according to Conkling, teachers must also stop limiting their skills to K-12 education, and start expanding into partnering with local youth clubs, assisted living facilities, or retirement centers so that they can build employment opportunities and learn to think outside the box.

  1. Knowing how to do different things is an asset. Dr. Deborah Sheldon, a professor of Music Education, believes that employers look for people who are skilled in a multitude of areas. Someone who can perform choral, instrumental, and general music is a great asset to the school. Especially if they are imaginative polished, good at communicating, and well prepared. This is because they are looking for someone who is unique and can bring something to the school and the community.

The Best Kitchen Faucets According to Brenda


For many of us, the kitchen is definitely one of the busiest and most important rooms in the house.  We spend so much time there with family and friends that it deserves to be one of the best looking as well as one of the most functional rooms, too.  If you’ve been thinking your kitchen is due for a major renovation or just minor updates, the kitchen faucet can be a great place to start.  A new kitchen faucet can be an inexpensive way to add a bit of elegant design to your kitchen, and hands-free models can offer a virtually immeasurable level of convenience to this otherwise simple and often overlooked feature.


On the most practical side of things, keep in mind that a new faucet needs to fit in the same space as your old faucet.  The easiest replacement will happen if your new faucet requires the same number of holes drilled through the counter as your current one.  If you opt for a model requiring fewer holes, make sure you find an appropriate filler.  If your new faucet needs additional holes, make sure you take the added expense of drilling them into account.  You also want to make sure that your current plumbing configuration will work with your new faucet or understand what work will go into the retrofit process.


For those wishing to be as eco friendly as possible or who live in areas where water conservation is a major concern, there are many models that employ aerators to improve water efficiency.  A water-efficient model might mean it takes just a little longer to fill the sink or large pots, but the difference won’t be noticeable for smaller dishwashing and handwashing tasks.


If you have a shallower sink or often find yourself needing to fill especially tall pots or other containers, a faucet with an elongated neck or high arc could be a great choice for you.  Not only do these faucets look elegant, but they can make shallow sinks seem deeper and make it easier to fill deep pots or tall vases.  You can check this site for comparisons of a variety of kitchen faucets, including budget-friendly models.

Some of today’s coolest faucets are hands free.  Less cost prohibitive than they used to be, these faucets make it easier to wash slimy, grimy, germy hands without being worried about cleaning the faucet handles, too.  They’re also super convenient for smaller kids who aren’t tall enough to reach the handles on their own.  Some faucets allow users to touch anywhere on the faucet itself to turn the water on and off.  Instead of reaching for handles with dirty hands, you can use a clean wrist or forearm.  More advanced models use motion sensors to make operation completely touch free.  Simply pass your hand in front of the sensors, and the water turns on.  Given that one of our biggest reasons for hand washing is stopping the spread of germs, it’s great to have a way to wash away the germs without spreading them to other parts of the faucet, especially handles that can contain nooks and crannies that can be hard to get clean themselves.  Add in the fact that touch-free faucets could mean not having to worry about keeping a stepstool handy for the kiddies, and such a faucet could be a great investment.


Unlike once upon a time, even homeowners on tighter budgets can now find a vast array of kitchen faucets as opposed to only a small handful of cookie-cutter-looking base models.  You’ll find multiple finishes from polished to matte in whatever metallic look matches the rest of your kitchen’s decor.  With conventional models starting at under $100 and hands-free models starting a little higher, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding your perfect match.  If you’re budget is limited, though (and whose isn’t, right?), be sure to keep your max budget in mind since the higher-end models can definitely approach, and even exceed, $1,000.
Visit best touchless kitchen faucet models for additional buying tips and considerations as well as pros and cons of several models of touch free, motion sensor equipped faucets for the kitchen.

Awesome Products to Make Your Life Easier

Let’s face it – everyone is looking for ways to simplify their life. Whether it’s a kitchen gadget that makes preparing meals easier, or an energy-saving device, lots of little items can make a BIG difference in your daily life!


Here are a few nifty products that can save time, money, space, and make you feel more on top of your life. Buy them as gifts for friends and family, or just keep them for yourself!


  1. Portable Luggage Scale

Packing for a vacation is stressful, especially with the threat of paying extra for a heavy bag! Hook this portable scale over the handle of your suitcase to easily know its weight before heading to the airport.


  1. Water Bottle Humidifier Cap

You no longer need to sit at home with a humidifier to escape the dry winter air. Just put this humidifier cap in your water bottle, and take it with you to instantly fix the dry air around you. Magic!


  1. Bed Risers with Built-In Outlets


If you or someone you know is a college student, this product is essential! These risers raise a bed 7-inches for increased storage, and come with outlets for charging your phone, computer, or anything without moving from your bed.


  1. Touchless Kitchen Faucet


Kitchens can get to be hectic, messy places, but you can take some of the stress out of cooking dinner with a touchless kitchen faucet. A motion-sensor is built in, so you don’t need to worry about spreading germs from raw meat around your home.


  1. Water Bottle with a Built-In Wallet

Are you a runner, biker, or often on the go? If so, you probably know the feeling of not wanting to carry around your wallet when you’re out. Luckily, this water bottle comes with one built in!


  1. Rubber Wine Glasses


Rubber wine glasses are a must-have in homes with kids, pets, or bustling parties. They’re lightweight and portable, but also shatterproof, recyclable, and dishwasher-safe.


  1. Watermelon Slicer


Unfortunately, one of nature’s most delicious fruits is quite a hassle to get to. This slicer drastically reduces slicing time and increases eating time! works for other large fruits, such as pineapples and cantaloupes.


  1. Solar-Powered Window Phone Charger

Charge your phone using solar energy! All you have to do is plug your phone in to the charger, and leave it out in the sun. Just as quick and easy as regular charging, without having to find an outlet.


  1. Portable Smoothie Maker


If you want to take your smoothie on the go without dirtying an extra cup, here’s a device that’s perfect for you! Blend up your smoothie at home, remove the cup, and you’re good to go.


  1. Bag Re-Sealer

If you don’t finish that bag of shredded cheese in one taco-night, don’t worry. This bag re-sealer will allow you to close it air-tight to keep it fresh for next time. Also includes a handy magnet to keep it on your fridge.